One foot in the door with SA Home Loans

Have your foot in the door of your new home with SA Home Loans who through their short and sweet online application puts you a step closer to help you get a home loan.

How? By logging online to and apply by completing their form.

Select from the home loan options from the menu that appears on the application page.                                      You’ll have a choice of four types of home loans; pre-approval loan, a new home loan, further/additional loan or building loan.

Then fill out the required information of your personal details and whether you have good or poor credit.

Final step your bond application will have been submitted and one of the SA Home Loans agents will contact you ASAP, where your home loan ‘will be approved in principle’.

You’ll also be advised that the banks will insist that you have life insurance in place before they’ll approve your bond.

To help you SA Home loans have partnered with a leading direct life insurance provider and they’ll help you save thousands on your life cover for your bond. You’ll even have an option of clicking on a tab to receive a life cover quote.

Why not get a home loan with the SA Home Loan a specialist’s mortgage lender, which is not a bank. But rather provide their own finance, which enables them to also provide a personalised service to guide you through the entire home loan procedure – from start to finish

SA Home Loans – A fresh approach to home finance offering variable loans with competitive interest rates and flexible payment terms.

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