How Does Discovery Credit Card Measure Up?

How Does Discovery Credit Card Measure Up?

Well if it’s considered South Africa’s (SA’s) best-loved credit card, then clearly Discovery Credit card is off to a good start to measuring well.

The Discovery Credit card is just like any credit card a banking product with a personal loan facility. If you aren’t diligent in paying off your monthly balance the interest charges will be very high, making it an expensive product to have in your wallet. But if you use your card to transact, and pay your monthly balance, not only do you not pay for purchases, you can also earn some excellent rewards

And that’s exactly what Discovery credit card is known for. Not only helping your money go further but also being big on rewarding its clients. And that’s what most subscribers to credit cards value, a rewards programme offered to them by their credit card providers. The discovery credit card offers a highly rewarding loyalty programmes and that’s what consumers like most about the most rewarding credit card.

The Discovery credit card offers Cash back for shopping where you can buy your favourite things at a partner store in SA and get up to 20% cash back in your Discovery Card. From toys to clothing, books and even outdoor equipment, the possibilities are endless if you have the most rewarding credit card in the market.

Also get rewards for travelling. Use your Discovery Card for holidays with World Leisure Holidays, Royal Caribbean International or Contiki and get up to 20% cash back.

And if you activate the Discovery Miles benefit, you’ll earn Discovery Miles for even more rewards on all your qualifying Discovery credit Card purchases. Use your Discovery Miles to shop or travel, or convert them to Voyager Miles or Avios.

Plus, with the Miles Multiplier you can multiply your Miles by up to 10 times when you shop at HealthyLiving partner stores.

And because private medical care in SA can be pricey, which means every bit helps. You can pay for your day-to-day medical expenses with a separate facility on your Discovery credit card called the Health Wallet. This allows you to pay for medical expenses and qualify for your benefit with your discovery credit card.

Also as the official card partner to Big Concerts, Discovery credit card holders gain exclusive access to great deals and offers to SA’s selected premium live events. To apply now, click here.


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