Capitec credit cards requirements are that you should at least have a South African I.D, you must be above 18 years and below 70 years of age, and you must have a permanent job and have a valid bank account.

Once you’ve ticked those off the box then you well on your way to applying for a Capitec Bank credit card that allows you to get a credit facility for daily needs. Up to R5000 for emergencies or unplanned expenses, card payments or get cash at supermarket tills and ATMs.

Money available immediately so you can do card payments or get cash at supermarket tills and ATMs and the option to get a personalised credit plan loan up to R250 000. One card for all your banking, earn the highest interest on a positive balance from 5.35% per year.

Apply for a Capitec Bank credit card today easily online by completing a credit application online. And Capitec Bank will be in touch to discuss it with you. Then click on the send application button after you’ve filled in all the necessary details.

And expect Capitec Bank to use your personal details to do a credit bureau enquiry. But all in all the application process for a Capitec Bank credit card is another way in which Capitec Bank makes life a little easier

Even before applying for the credit card you can use a Credit Calculator to see how much credit you need? Based on the amount and term you entered, you could qualify for an estimated interest rate figure. And also remember that there’s no guarantee you’ll get the exact rate the calculator calculates for you.