Absa Express Loan

Absa Express Loan

Financial and banking research has shown that banks generally do not know their customers very well.This scenario has come about because banks today have developed a simplistic understanding of their customers and a vastly complex product set.This scenario sees many banks carry vast product sets, with subtle differences, frequently not appreciated by customers. This comes with a consequent cost in operations, technology, service and, at times, risk and regulatory challenges. One banking house in South Africa that has decided to be unique and different in this regard is Absa.To prove its ability to be different, Absa introduced the Absa Express Loan.

This cash facility has been designed to assist clients in rainy days.This credit platform is therefore suitable for those who need cash between R1,500 and R8,000, want a short term loan payable over 1,3 or 6 months, earn a minimum income of R1,500 per month, have a bank account into which your income is deposited and have proof of your current residential address which can be in form of municipality or rates bill.

This credit platform comes with extra benefits such as affordable credit protection plan to settle the outstanding balance if you die, become permanently disabled or get one of the dread diseases. Easy payments can be made by debit order and there is no early settlement penalties for early payment.This loan also has a roll over ability, so that you can take up another loan if the first loan is completely repaid.

To access this loan, Absa can be contacted on 0860100372

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