Antique Auto Insurance – Protecting your Car for its True Value

Antique Auto Insurance – Protecting your Car for its True Value

If you own a car you realise the importance of protecting your assets from the risk of damage or loss through theft.

Statistics have shown that 65% of South African motorists are uninsured. With about 10 million motorists on South African roads, this means that the majority of drivers are at the risk of having to incur huge costs should they be involved in a car accident.

One of the easiest ways of avoiding this is by getting car insurance.

If you own an antique car you shouldn’t take insurance needs for granted.

How antique auto insurance works:

Antique cars are investments. By getting antique auto insurance, your car is protected for its true value. This usually means that you require more than a standard insurance policy.

Getting antique auto insurance can be ideal for when car parts are impossible to find.

To qualify, you generally need to park your antique car in a garage, use it as an extra car and keep it in good working condition.

The best antique auto insurance lets you enjoy your ride the way you want.

There are usually low deductibles and there is no depreciation in the event of a claim.

Getting antique auto insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. Your car may be eligible for a lot of the same discounts on insurance as “everyday” cars.

Comprehensive cover protects your car from damage due to fire, theft, vandalism and other dangers while your car is parked or stored.

The amount of coverage you need is determined using “agreed value”. This is the amount of coverage that you agree on (with the insurance provider) as the value for the car, based on a recent, certified appraisal or photos of the vehicle.

Types of antique auto insurance includes:

  • Bodily injury liability
  • Property damage liability
  • Physical damage to your automobile
  • Spare Parts
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance may be included.
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