Benefits Offered by Credit Shop

Benefits Offered by Credit Shop

Credit Shop is a free loan-sourcing service that provides South African consumers with access to a wide array of financial services. 

If you are looking for a loan solution, chances are that you want a loan that is easy to apply for and simple to qualify for. Depending on the specific loan type that you are looking for, you may spend a long time searching. You can benefit from the services offered by Credit Shop.

What are the benefits offered by Credit Shop?

You can get access to personal loans of up to R150 000, while the minimum amount you can qualify for is R1000.

The service is free.

You can get pre-qualified for a loan on the same day that you apply.

Credit Shop has worked with more lenders, so they have the advantage of knowing what these lenders are looking for. They will be able to find a loan solution that is best suited to your specific individual needs.

Credit Shop assists more than 20 000 clients on a monthly basis, so you can be assured that their services are trustworthy and reliable.

Applications are processed completely online or via telephone. This saves you a reasonable amount of time and money, because you are able to apply from the comfort of your home or without even having to leave your office.  You don’t have to waste hours waiting in long queues or going through time-consuming interviews with numerous consultants.

Personal loans can be used for a range of needs. You can use the loan for renovations to your home or for consolidating your multiple debts. The loan can be useful for covering expensive education costs. Paying for medical costs that are not covered by your medical aid can be simplified by getting a loan from Credit Shop.

If you are looking for a payday loan, Credit Shop may have just the right solution for you to help you cover emergency costs for the month.



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