Commercial Auto Insurance – Protecting Your Business Vehicles

Commercial Auto Insurance – Protecting Your Business Vehicles

As a business owner you often face a range of challenges. For a business that operates a fleet of vehicles, there are various other challenges that come along. Having commercial auto insurance is a tool that could be used to prevent financial ruin in the event that one of the vehicles is damaged through and accident or destroyed through fire.

Commercial auto insurance provides protection from any vehicle designated for business use against both property damage and liability.

It covers vehicles that are used for business purposes.

What commercial auto insurance typically covers:

There are several types of coverage that may be included in your commercial auto policy, such as Property damage liability, liability for bodily injury to others, personal injury to you, your employed drivers or passengers, collision coverage, medical payments coverage, comprehensive coverage for damage other than collision as well as loading and unloading liability.

Business owners can get commercial vehicle coverage for a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles. They also should get commercial auto insurance cover if your employees will be driving or using vehicles in the course of doing business, whether making deliveries, carrying equipment, transporting flammable material or hiring your vehicle out to tow other vehicles.

Policies allow you to adjust the policy coverage to your particular business circumstances and the use of your vehicles.

A typical commercial auto insurance policy covers damage from weather, an accident or other incident.

Factors to consider:

The cost of commercial auto insurance depends on a range of factors, including:

  • The size of your business
  • Types of vehicles
  • Number of vehicles you need to insure
  • Risks involved in your line of work
  • Amount of coverage you need for your fleet of vehicles

How to get commercial auto insurance:

There are various insurance companies that specialise in providing commercial auto insurance. You could compare various companies online or call the companies directly.


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