Taking a Look at Real People Loans

Taking a Look at Real People Loans

If you are in need of a loan you can apply for a Real People loan of up R 100 000 and you will receive an answer in only 24 hours, after which the money will be deposited into your account. You can complete your loan application online and speed up the application process.

You can also apply for a Real People Home Improvement Loan this type of a loan is very great if you want to renovate you home by buying building materials etc.

The Real People Home Improvement Loan enables you to finance your home improvement requirements. Whether you are adding an extra room, putting in new kitchen fittings, paving your driveway or even painting your home, we have an affordable, simple finance solution for you. For your convenience Real people has agreements with leading home improvement retail stores country-wide, so you can choose where you want to purchase your homebuilding materials or goods for building, renovating or home improvements.

The Real People Home Improvement Loan is only available at the stores that we have agreements with. You will need to go to a store to apply for your home improvement loan.

Real People has agreed with a wide range of participating retail hardware stores to give you the convenience of buying home improvement materials at a store closest to you. Their participating stores assist them with loan application process by checking for supporting documentation.

Delivery times are determined by the home improvement store and should be communicated to you. You should contact the sales person in store about the delivery schedules. If there is a problem, please speak to the store manager or the store owner.


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