Taking a Look at Diamond Bank Loans

Taking a Look at Diamond Bank Loans

If you are looking for personal loans you can consider taking out a loan from Diamond Bank. These loans are perfect if you need a little extra cash for emergency expenses or even other responsibilities like school fees, home renovations or medical expenses. 

There are many benefits to taking out the Diamond Bank loan, including the fact that you can repay the loan over a period of up to 12 months and benefit from competitive pricing with no hidden charges. They are local natural required and the standard interest rate is 28%. Once you’ve repaid half of your loan you may be entitled to taking out an additional loan and you can access your files to a variety of banking channels.

How to Apply

If you want to apply for a personal loan, you can visit any one of the branches nationwide or you can download an application form online. You will receive an outcome of your loan application within 48 hours and if it is successful, the money will be paid directly into your account.

The person alone gives you the flexibility to meet a variety of personal financial needs, including anything from home improvement and holidays to school fees and even wedding planning. You will have convenient repayment instalments and application process is quick and easy. In addition to this you will also get free death cover that will give you additional peace of mind.

For further enquiries, please call our 24hour contact centre on 0700-300-0000, send an email to enquiries@diamondbank.com or visit any Diamond Bank Branch near you.

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