Low Car Insurance – Important Factors

Low Car Insurance – Important Factors

Factors that you can’t change:

Your age- Insurance companies base their premiums on statistics about age and driving experience. As a result, younger drivers are charged higher premiums.

Your gender– if you are a female driver you have a better chance of being charged lower premiums that your male counterparts. This is mainly because female drivers are considered to be low-risk individuals.

Your marital status– married couples are considered to be lower risks on the road.

What you can change/influence:

Where you live– if you live in an area that has a high rate of theft or robberies this will work against you. If your insurance provider regards you as a high risk individual because of where you live, you will be more likely to be charged higher premiums.

Your driving record- how well you drive will have an effect on your chances of getting low car insurance.

The type of vehicle you own- if you own a high-performance vehicle you will pay higher premiums, while if you own a cheaper car with a smaller engine you are likely to pay lower premiums.

Accident claims– if you have had quite a number of accidents this won’t be in your favour.

Your credit score– insurance providers will use your credit score as a basis to decide your level of risk

Your Driving Practices– if you drive regularly and you drive long distances on a daily basis you may pay higher premiums. On the other hand, if you drive occasionally because you work from home, this can also influence your premium significantly. Remember that insurance companies want to avoid having to pay insurance claims, so the less you are on the road, the less of a risk you are to them.

The risk of Auto theft– if you drive a car that is likely to be stolen such as a sports car or SUV, you will low car insurance.

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