Cheap Car Insurance

Cheap Car Insurance

Your car is like your home on wheels because as much as you stay in your home, so do you in your car as you spend most of your time in it. Whether in transit to and from work, tacking and fetching the kids to school or from extra mural or doing leisurely activities with your car like going to the shops or going on a road trip.

Hence it’s why people insure their cars against any eventualities on the roads. And sometimes car insurance can be costly, but for those who cannot afford there are cheap car insurance options available such as…

For cheap car insurance, women pay for less with 1st for Women, which has a variety of car insurance products and benefits that are intended to suit a woman’s unique needs. It is car insurance that meets women on their own terms and gives them lower insurance premiums because they’re a better risk. Visit: or call 0861 00 47 77.

Prime Meridian Direct is car insurance products that are affordable yet offer meaningful protection. It’s for real people with real financial constraints. It’s car insurance that guarantees you a fixed premium for the life of the policy with no annual increases and no excess to pay when claiming. There’s no risk profiling and a one size-fits-all approach to policy pricing. Visit: or call 0860 22 22 61.

Make sure your car is properly insured with Budget Insurance and enjoy some of their benefits such as a Cash back Bonus where if you remain claim-free for two consecutive years, they’ll reward you by giving you money back (and for every consecutive claim-free year after that). As well as them automatically including Assist Benefits to your policy where you’ll never be left in a pickle, alone, with nowhere to go –Budget assist is on the way. Visit: or call 0861 00 19 17.

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