Auto Insurance Quotes Dos and Don’ts

Auto Insurance Quotes Dos and Don’ts


Drive better

If you’re prone to speeding tickets, this can increase your rates. If you are considered to be a reckless driver, your rates will spike. By driving better and avoiding getting into accidents will help you get a more favourable quote.

Report accidents

If you fail to report even a small accident, this could result in the cancellation of your policy. If you have been in accidents, it’s best to be honest.

Go for an advanced driving course

This could go a long way towards lowering your premiums. If you are better defensive driver for example, you may qualify for lower premiums because you are considered a low-risk driver.

Install theft and safety features

If you can prove that you have taken preventive measures to lower risk, you may get lower insurance costs. Make sure that you mention this when searching for insurance quotes.

Keep up a favourable credit score

If you have a favourable credit score you are able to benefit from lower premiums.


Don’t drive a flashy car if you want a cheaper quote

Insurance companies are typically looking for low-risk cars, which are often not very flashy. Not only does this reduce the risk of the car getting stolen, but expensive cars are also expensive to repair when they get into an accident. If you drive a flashy car, you aren’t likely to get lower premiums.

Don’t get into an accident.

If you have a higher accident rate, this will equal to you being considered a high risk individual, which will effectively increase your premium.

Don’t take the first deal you find

Take your time to compare quotes and explore your options when it comes to coverage and rates.

Don’t get complacent

Review your policy once a year or every six months.

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