Loan Finder SA Reviews

Loan Finder SA Reviews

Loan Finder SA is a leading loan originator that has been helping South Africans for over six years and provides individuals with instant feedback, as well as quick and easy applications.

There are no hidden fees involved and processes are completely transparent. Loan Finder SA does all the hard work for you and sources suitable loans to suit your unique set of circumstances.

Once you have been approved for the loan, the money will be paid directly into your bank account.

Loan Finder SA currently sources up to R150 000 in finance and offers an easy way for people to apply for a loan.

Finding the best loan services involves a lot more than just finding the cheapest offers available. It pays to compare a range of lenders. In addition to asking family and friends about their experiences with a particular lender, there are other ways to find reviews.

A simple online search is one way of finding Loan Finder SA reviews.

Consumer forum site Hello Peter is well –known for providing a platform for individuals to share their complaints and compliments about a specific service provider.

Quite a number of Loan Finder SA reviews are available on the site.

Loan Finder SA reviews on Hello Peter are mainly negative, with the main complaint being consistent unauthorised debits without offering any services.

The official response from Loan Finder SA is:

“Our 4-in-1 Plan consists of a financial counselling programme, legal and ID Assist, quarterly credit report and free loan-finding service. The cost for the plan is a once-off initiation fee of R395, with a monthly fee of R68. The loan-finding service is offered to you upfront and the Legal and ID Assist is activated immediately upon completion of the application.”

Visit the Loan Finder SA website here:

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