King Cash loans

King Cash is a registered South African financial services provider. With over 60 years experience in the micro lending industry, King Cash has earned a glowing reputation for being easily accessible and providing fast and convenient financial solutions and products. One of the leading products coming out of King Cash is the King Cash personal loans.

King Cash personal loans offer suitable clients cash amounts between R2,000 and R15,000 with no collateral in form of personal possessions required. The repayment periods for this loan runs between 1 to 18 months but the repayment amounts will depend on a clients credibility, the total loan amount and the agreed upon repayment terms.

To qualify for this cash facility, a client needs to be 18 years and above and be based in South Africa, be in possession of  a South African ID, have a bank account and show proof of residence. This loan facility also comes with a personal protection plan which ensures that the debt is settled in the event of death or disability.

King Cash can be contacted on a toll-free number of 0800113637 and trained consultants will be on hand to answer queries and provide relevant information.

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