SA 360 – Premier Micro Lending Hub

SA 360 – Premier Micro Lending Hub

SA 360 is a micro lending institution which provides financial solutions to help people who have bad credit records or who have been blacklisted. Individuals in this cluster of the market are often denied credit by mainstream lending institutions. SA 360 aims to provide an alternative to this group by targeting tailor-made options towards them. SA 360 services this market with the help of highly professional and experienced staff who provide fast assistance. It’s 90% recorded success rate is the basis for the reason it’s regarded as a reliable financial solution provider.  Categories of services offered by SA 360 include personal loans, vehicle financing as well as bonds, which are made available to individuals who have been employed for at least 6 months with a valid South African identity document. If successful, the turnaround rate is 3 to 5 working days.

Personal loans are provided at SA 360 from R1000 to a maximum amount of R500 000, giving potential clients freedom to choose options which will suit their needs best.

An added service at SA 360 is the Para-legal service which is valid for 12 months from activation date. This cost- effective service provides legal advice to clients dealing with civil and labour related cases and is available at a once-off fee of R399-00. For this particular service, clients are welcome to contact SA 360’s Para- legal department if and when they need legal advice. SA 360’s reach is vast as it provides speedy assistance to clients nationwide in a professional manner.

SA 360 can be contacted on 0871 507380.

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