JSE Online Trading

JSE Online Trading

The Johannesburg stock Exchange (JSE) is the market of choice for local and international investors looking to gain exposure to the leading capital markets in South Africa and the broader African continent.  

The JSE is currently ranked the 19th largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalisation and the largest exchange in the African continent. JSE stockbrokers offer online trading facilities as well. 

Through JSE online platform, you can build your own portfolio of shares in companies listed on the JSE. You get direct market access to the JSE. Share ownership is the foundation of any trading strategy.  

Basically Online trading is when you use a stockbroker’s website as your main access to information and, more importantly, to submit orders to your stockbroker.​ 

Most online stockbrokers will also have a telephone trade service in case of Internet connection problems, but the primary method will be online, with the telephone as a backup.​​​  

To starts trading on the JSE 

1. Invest directly by buying shares in listed companies through a stock broker. 

2. Invest in what’s called an index tracking fund, like Satrix, which invests in the largest companies on the JSE. This is a very cost effective way to invest with smaller amounts of money 

3. Invest through a fund manager like Investec, Coronation, Stanlib, Old Mutual, or Allan Gray, etc. The fund managers make the investment decisions for you and invest in the shares that they believe will perform. 

Register online for a new trading account and PSG web profile. If you’re a new client, send in your FICA documents. Your online trading account will be opened within 72 hours of receiving these.  

Then Log in to your account, using your username and password. Choose your account and place an order through the ‘New Order’ screen. If you want to become an active investor on the JSE it’s advisable that you attend Online Share Trading’s educational seminar to familiarise yourself with the markets. It’s is free. 

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