Getting the most out of Kathlego Cash Loans

Getting the most out of Kathlego Cash Loans


Kathlego is a prominent lending institution in the business of helping people to manage small, unsecured credit when they need it most. With a 98% customer satisfaction rating, Kathlego Cash Loans now boasts a client base within the thousands. Since 2010, Kathlego has been solidifying its reputation as an industry leader by personalizing loans to individual client needs.

At Kathlego, instant cash loans are usually applied for, reviewed and if approved are paid out the same day. These loans also include additional benefits such as flexibility, convenience and easy qualification requirements.

Although Kathlego loans are not available to individuals who are blacklisted, those who have any pending judgements against them or individuals who have any overdue accounts, people who satisfy other requirements are eligible to apply. Kathlego ensures that clients only borrow what they can afford to repay. Agreements are also made as easy and straightforward as possible.

Applicants simply need to provide an identity document, proof of residence and employment as well as a truthful statement of their income and expenses. There is no need to offer collateral or to fax an excessive amount of documentation.

Kathlego has a favourable reputation in the industry as being a professional, compassionate and able financial service provider. Their low interest rates are a valuable benefit offered to clients.

How much can you get?

First time clients can only receive up to R3000 from Kathlego Cash Loans with a reasonable repayment period of 3 months. Additional cash can be given after a second repayment.

To get the most from Kathlego Cash Loans, SMS the word “LOAN” to 072 141 7511 to request a Callback. You can also call (057) 212 5688 or visit

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