The most common forms of consumer debt are credit card debt, payday loans, and other consumer finance, which are often at higher interest rates than long-term secured loans, such as mortgages.

And even when you look at the concept of debt it comes from borrowing money, whether to cover day-to-day costs, maintain a certain lifestyle or live luxuriously. Even when borrowing from friends, family, private micro-lenders or financial institutions, debt is never fun.

Therefore who do you turn to when in need of a debt loan, consider these options.

Debt Rescue

Beat The Debt Blues and become debt free and pay what you can afford with Debt Rescue nnominated the best debt counselling company in South Africa by industry panels.

If you have lots of debt, large or small, to too many different creditors the next best thing would be to consolidate your debt as a single bill to pay. Choose Debt Rescue to become debt free without losing your assets and all their fees are included in your repayment plan.

Also make use of their specialist attorneys in debt counselling and you don’t have to attend a consultation in person.

Visit or call 0861 800 009.

Quick Consolidation Loans

Get help with debt and become debt free. Quick Consolidation Loans can assist with debt consolidation and management, administration, loan sharks and debt review.

It will be no more contact with demanding creditors. No more letters you are too scared to open and so throw away. No more phone calls that you hide from. As once your application has been accepted it goes in to the Debt review process and your credit providers can no longer take any further legal action against you the consumer.

You’ll be dealing with the problem rather than ignoring it giving you an instant feeling of relief and no permanent record is kept of being under Debt Review on any Consumer Credit Bureau Data Base.

Call: 087 702 5441 or visit:

Debt Care

Debt care is debt counselling company, which simplifies the debt review process by reducing monthly installments of over indebted consumers

There’s no need for an additional loan as you open a new bank account with another bank as soon as possible to prevent money grabbing and all your creditors will be informed of the process and Debt Care will draw up your new repayment plan.

Call 086 197 7873 or Email: