The internet has made things so much easier over the past number of years. One way that a growing number of South Africans are taking advantage of this phenomenon is through online shopping. Despite the statistics showing that this number is growing daily, there are a few hindrances to this growth. One of these stumbling blocks is access to credit. Not all South Africans have credit cards (either by choice or because they cannot afford one). This leaves many people unable to enjoy the benefits associated with online shopping. One financial institution strives to change the status quo: Capitec Bank.

The Capitec Global One Card is a unique offering from one of South Africa’s fastest growing financial institutions. This banking facility gives you the power of a credit card even if you don’t have one. This might seem a bit confusing, so here’s an easy way of understanding:

The Global One Card from Capitec allows you to make instant online purchases by giving you the option to link it to PayPal. You can’t withdraw funds from your PayPal account however.

How do you get access to the Global One Card?

Simply visit your nearest Capitec Bank branch with required documents and apply.

What do you need to apply?

  • Your valid South African Identity document
  • Your original proof of address

To activate the credit card service, you simply need to ask for the service at your nearest Capitec branch. You’ll receive a print-out with instructions. After you have followed the instructions, you’ll need to wait 24 hours to be able to activate it. You’ll receive a PIN, after which you can activate the Credit Card and start enjoying the benefits of online shopping.