The Benefits of African Bank Loans

The Benefits of African Bank Loans

African Bank Loans are easily accessible through the financial institution’s more than 30 branches nationwide. Do you need to get money to pay for your child’s school fees? Or maybe you need to get your car repaired. Going on that long overdue holiday doesn’t need to be a hassle anymore. Find out how African Bank Loans can give you the financial freedom you need:

What are the benefits of African Bank Loans?

African Bank Loans lets you borrow large amounts of money (up to R150 000) which is considerably higher than what you are likely to get with other lending institutions.

Repayment terms are longer (up to 84 months) and there are optional short term loan solutions for when you need instant cash for emergencies.

African Bank Loans come with fixed repayments, so you are assured of a consistent repayment amount every month.

Upon approval the funds are immediately paid into your account.

Repayments are made via debit order, making it easier for you to repay and to avoid late payments or defaults.

You can apply at any African Bank branch, where you will be assisted by a friendly consultant who will help you through the entire process step-by-step.

Short Term Loans:

These loans are provided from R1000 up to R10 000. As an African Bank Loans client you will get to repay the loan within 3 to 10 months. They are ideal for when you need money quickly to pay for an emergency such as a medical expense or even funeral arrangements.

Long Term Loans:

Available from R10 000 and above (with the maximum limit being R150 000) these loans are more suitable for helping you meet your longer term goals. These goals may include home renovations, putting a deposit down on a new car or even financing wedding costs.

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