Getbucks Loans Online – Apply for Reliable and Affordable Loans

Getbucks Loans Online – Apply for Reliable and Affordable Loans

Getbucks seeks to assist clients with realizing their goals by offering affordable loans. Founded in 2011, the company now services financial markets in a further 5 countries. Getbucks is a specialist at analysing and assisting individuals with making better financial decisions. 

Getbucks offers loans from as little as R500 up to a maximum amount of R4000. Clients have one month to repay the loan amount. Existing clients may qualify for higher amounts with up to 6 months to pay.  Lending operations are a seven tiered approach:

Level One: R4000 maximum, payable within 1 month

Level Two: R5000 maximum, payable within 2 months

Level Three: R6000 maximum, payable within 3 months

Level Four: R8000 maximum, payable within 6 months

Level Five: R10 000 maximum, payable within 6 months

Level Six: R16 000 maximum, payable within 6 months

Level Seven: R24 000 maximum, payable within 6 months

The application process is made simple, through the minimisation of paperwork and the absence of face-face interviews.

How it works:

Applicants complete an online application form- stating how much they need and for how long

A credit offer is sent by Getbucks

Once the applicant agrees to the terms, they will also need to provide personal information, banking information and employment details

Getbucks verifies the provided information and conducts a credit check

Once both parties are happy and satisfied with the amount and loan terms, the applicant can then choose their payment method

Payment is made into the applicant’s bank account. (Getbucks normally pays out within the hour if all details are verified.)

To qualify, individuals need to be 18 years or older, South African citizens, employed within South Africa. They must have an active bank account, a cell phone number and email address.

087 808 0120

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