Home Choice Loans

Home Choice Loans

South Africa’s retail sector has certainly come a long way and of age.The dominance of the retail sector can be attributed to the availability of greater brand variety in products that range from grocery to non-grocery items, and at competitive prices that offer cash strapped consumers cheaper products as a result of discounts and products promotions.The growth in the number of middle income consumers has also played a major role in stimulating value growth. One retail house that features prominently on the list of service providers is HomeChoice. In a bid to meet growing financial needs of its clients, HomeChoice introduced its loan provision bouquet.

HomeChoice has established itself as a no.1 home shopping retailer. For the last 29 years, HomeChoice has added style and luxury to customers homes with quality bedding and homewares. HomeChoice provides unsecured personal loans solely to HomeChoice customers who have good credit records.These loans are provided from a minimum of 1 to 36 months.This credit facility which is offered through Fonechoice and Finchoice allows customers to transact on their loan accounts conveniently 24 hours a day with access to further credit over time.

FinChoice also offers both short and long term loans which range from 6 to 24 months and customers can access further credit over time. With FinChoice, clients choose the type of loan that best suits your needs, whether you are looking for a short term or longer term financial solution. FoneChoice on the other hand sells laptop computers, tablets and mobile smartphones on credit to HomeChoice customers with repayment terms running between 24 and 36 months.

HomeChoice is indeed living up to its vision of being the customers most trusted and flexible financial partner. Contact can be made on 0216801000.

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