Equity bank

Equity bank is an inspiring business story in the Kenyan business and financial markets. Established in 1984 as a mortgage financing house for the majority of customers who fell into the low-income population, this bank evolved into a fast growing micro finance and eventually a commercial bank with 8 million customers and subsidiaries in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda and Tanzania. With a passionate commitment to providing inclusive financial services that transform livelihoods, give dignity and expand, this financial house has become an all-inclusive financial services provider with a growing pan-African footprint.

This banks business model is anchored on access, convenience and flexibility. In living up to this, Equity offers products and services such as deposits, loans, treasury and trade, custody, diaspora, agency banking and self-service.

The deposit range of products offered include equity ordinary account, current account, jijenge account, junior member, teen member, achievers student account, school fees account, call/fixed deposit account, social institutions account etc. Loan facilities offered include agricultural loans, asset finance loans, consumer loans, micro business loans, SME loans, women loans, maji loan, jamii safi loan etc. Treasury and trade offers trade finance and treasury. Self service options provided include instant account opening, ATM services, card services, paypal withdraw service, Visa personal payments, China unionpay, mobile banking, online banking, money transfer and equity cash back.

Equity bank is availing the masses with modern, inclusive financial services which maximise their opportunities. Contact can be made on 00254202262000.

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