Bridge Loans – Affordable Unsecured Personal Loans

Bridge Loans – Affordable Unsecured Personal Loans

It’s not always possible to purchase goods using cash. Credit facilities offered by lending institutions such as Bridge Loans understand the varying circumstances faced by many individuals. This is why Bridge Loans have constructed a loan product designed to be affordable and to meet changing market demands. 

Bridge Loans provide small personal loans of up to R15 000 in four different categories designed to simplify clients’ needs. Standard Bridges Loans come in the following designations:

Advance ONE, Advance FOUR, Advance SIX and Advance TWELVE. A credit check and an affordability assessment will be done prior to lending.

Advance ONE offers a maximum of R7100 and clients have up to one month to repay. Advance FOUR offers a maximum of R7100 with the option of paying back the amount in 4 months. Advance SIX offers up to R7100 over a six month repayment period, while Advance TWELVE offers a maximum of R15 000 with 12 months to pay. The loans are unsecured, so applicants do not need to provide collateral. Applications can be done online or in store at the various branches nationwide. Alternatively, individuals can apply via mobile phone.

Individuals eligible for application include South African citizens, who are older than 18 years, who are not under debt review or administration.  Proof of permanent employment (in the form of a payslip) will be required, along with proof of a valid bank account. Once a loan is approved, the applicant will be notified by SMS.

Bridge Loan solutions are designed to be simple, easy and convenient, but responsible lending practices take precedence.  Bridge Loans ensures that the agreement specifies: how much money you are borrowing, how long it will take to pay it back, how much you have to repay each month and what will happen if either party can’t honour the agreement.

For easily accessible loan solutions, call Bridge Loans on:  086 111 2044.

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