What types of car insurance can you get?

Comprehensive Insurance:

This type of car insurance cover is for incidents that are unrelated to accidents that may affect the car, such as weather damage, theft or hijacking. This type of cover provides the most extensive cover and it also the most expensive type of cover. It is often highly recommended for drivers of new vehicles.

Third Party, Fire and Theft insurance:

If you are looking for a slightly cheaper insurance, this cover may be ideal for you. It is similar to comprehensive cover but it does not provide cover for accidental damage to your vehicle.

Third Party Only insurance:

This type of insurance provides cover for any damage you may have caused to someone else’s vehicle (third party).

What you need to know about insurance for cars quotes:

Demographic factors affect your car insurance quotes

These are personal factors that affect your quotes. These include your age, marital status, geographic location, credit score and profession.

If you are a young driver your age will have a major effect on your quote.

Car –related factors affect car quotes

How much the vehicle is worth- expensive cars have higher premiums.

The age of the car- newer cars will often have higher premiums. This is also dependent on the type of car you get.

The likelihood of theft

Damage and parts costs

Safety rating

The vehicle size


These factors are used by the insurance company to decide your level of risk.

Personal driving habits affect car quotes

Your driving history and your driving activity have a considerable effect in your car quotes.

Medical conditions may affect your car quotes

Insurers cannot charge extra for medical conditions if you hold a licence without any restrictions