Guardrisk Insurance – Engineering Risk Solutions

Guardrisk Insurance – Engineering Risk Solutions

Guardrisk is a South African insurance company which forms part of MMI Holdings Umbrella Group. According to an Insurance Industry Survey by KPMG (2013), Guardrisk gained more than 1% in market share in the 2011-2012 period. Furthermore, it recorded premium growth of 30% according to the survey.  This growth is proof of Guardrisk’s improving track record as a trusted insurance company. Its vision to be an insurance company that provides value added and cost effective insurance and risk transfer solutions is made possible by its professionals who have a deep and passionate commitment to service excellence. 

Essentially, Guardrisk assists companies insure and finance their risk exposures efficiently by undertaking a strategic study of the risk exposures and engineering solutions to manage and finance them. The institution does this in 3-part solutions in an aim to be of the best service to their clients.

The institution’s service portfolio features services such as corporate risk, Life insurance, underwriting facilities, branded insurance to cell owners, offshore and other Guardrisk allied products and services.

Corporate risk includes finite risk insurance programmes, cell captive, contingency policy and mining rehabilitation guarantees. Under life insurance, Guardrisk clients are offered group assurance benefits, investment protection, cover for post- retirement medical liabilities, customer protection, group funeral benefits, health insurance, credit life insurance and solution to paragraph benefit funds. Guardrisk’s underwriting facilities give clients access to the firm’s insurance licences, reinsurance capacity and support by the direct insurance and reinsurance markets based on mutually beneficial structure, technical capabilities and experience, including actuarial services, flexible business partnership which include risk retention, etc.

As a growing insurance company, Guardrisk is successfully providing leading cost effective and viable solutions. Individuals who want to forge world- class partnerships with this entity can contact them on 011 669 1000.


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