What is a good credit score rating here in South Africa?

What is a good credit score rating here in South Africa?

Credit scores generally range between 300 and 850. They indicate how risky an entity is. 

750+: This score is excellent and you are regarded as the ideal debtor.  

720- 749: You are regarded as a safe bet. Creditors regard you as a reliable debtor. Having a very good score such as this will undoubtedly lead to the best rates and loan terms. 

680-719:  The score is good, but there is no guaranteed approval.  

620-679:  Scoring in this region leads to the borrower struggling to qualify for finance. Institutions regard applicants with scores this low to be high risk. 

619 and Below: This is very poor credit and leaves no chance of qualifying. 

A good credit score rating in South Africa is above 680. 

Here are actions that can be taken to change your circumstances: 
  • Make timely payments 
  • Consistently service your debt 
  • Avoid exceeding credit utilisation of 30% 
  • Change your behaviour 
  • Budget more an control your spending 

By implementing these changes in your behaviour then you are more likely to steadily increase your score, which ultimately puts you in a highly favourable position in terms of credit applications.  

The advantages of having a good credit score rating cannot be ignored. 

It can open doors in numerous ways. If you own an organisation, credit analysts will factor in your personal credit status too.  In some cases, job seeker’s ratings are examined by employers and may affect the decision on whether to employ someone or not.  If you want to buy your first home and are applying for finance, then this rating will have a major impact on your loan terms. Financial institutions will regard you a low risk borrower and will consider you to be reliable.

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