WIZZIT business loans

Financial capital remains one of the key reasons why businesses especially small-scale ones either quickly expand or collapse. In an economic system like the South African one where the small medium enterprise (SME) plays such a critical role, the need for ready finance becomes even more important. One financial house which has dedicated itself to this cause is WIZZIT. Registered as a division of the SA bank of Athens limited, this financial institution offers business loans to small and medium size enterprises catering for the needs of new and existing entrepreneurs.

This business loan offers loan amounts from a minimum of R15,000 to a maximum amount of R2,500,000 with repayment periods of up to 84 months or 7 years. There are also  prime linked interest rates from approximately 15% to 24%.

To qualify for this credit, you must have a viable and credible business plan or proposition, a minimum of personal contribution of at least 15% of total funding is required, minimum collateral of at least 50%, a South African identity document, a passion to succeed and proven experience within the intended business sector.

By doing business with WIZZIT, clients are assured of dealing with an entity that offers quick decisions on, and pay outs of SME loan applications, personalised customer care and service, professional business support services such as training and mentoring and generally supporting the growth of the enterprise.

This financial house can be contacted on 0115235600.

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