If you need to make a money transfer within South Africa or even outside the borders of the RSA, you can with PEP’s financial facility.

PEP Stores is a multinational retail company that was founded in 1965 and a household name that operates in 11 Southern African countries. For many years, clients have been buying clothes, kitchenware, bedding, and shoes at the lowest prices. Now, customers are also able to take out loans and do money transfers to loved ones with Pep money transfer by using Pep’s financial facility. If you want to transfer money, you need to reach a Pep store with the following:

  • A PEPclub card
  • Green bar-coded South African ID or ID card
  • The cell phone number that have been used to register for PEPclub
  • The friend or relatives number you want to send money to

Keep in mind that when you use a PEP money withdrawal, there is a small admin fee needs to be paid and is excluded from the amount you are sending. For example, if you want to send R500 to someone, you will have to pay an additional fee of R9.99. Therefore, your total cost of the transaction will be R509, 99. However, when you calculate the savings in time by not standing in a queue at the bank and banking costs, this is a small price to pay in order to make sure that your loved one is able to receive money when needed.

Before you send the money, the details you give will be confirmed by the cashier to eliminate any type of errors. When the details have been confirm as correct, the cashier will give you a receipt as prove of the transaction. You will also receive two SMSSES, one including the withdrawal number and the other your access code. These must be given to the recipient in order to make a withdrawal.