Legal loans, finance made easy

The best credit or finance facility citizens can ever comes across is one which strongly subscribes to the legal requirements of the land. Just like any other financial market, the South African one is also confronted with challenges such as dubious lending houses which do not meet legal operational requirements or even respect the rights of citizens and clients with regards to lending. This is the reason why Legal Loans stands out as a breath of fresh air around the micro lending sector.

This fast growing financial house operating in the heart of Cape Town assists clients who have bad credit histories, judgements against them, garnishee orders, defaults or simply fail to meet stringent application requirements set by commercial banks. Todate, 200 000 clients have been helped to find a suitable lender or broker around the country. The unique relationship with money lenders and brokers and a strict compliance to the consumer protection act have made this achievement possible.

Legal loans offer loans from a minimum amount of R2000 to a maximum amount of R150,000. Clients can also purchase the legal and ID assist plan and credit crunch report at a once off cost of R380. This provides access to legal advice especially when an ID is lost, it also provides access to a summary of the credit status from the three largest credit bureaus. There is also the benefit of receiving a free loan finding service.

Legal loans can be contacted on 0218154500.

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