Yebo Loans Review

Yebo Loans Review

Yebo Loans sources short-term and long-term finance of up to R120 000 for clients. These loans are flexible and comprehensive, allowing clients to borrow from R5000. This institution does its utmost best to cater to everybody’s needs with unique packages. Unsecured in nature, Yebo Loans do not require any collateral to be put up. Loans are offered as personal, cash and vehicle loans.

The micro finance industry in South Africa is one filled with a growing number of lenders who all promise clients the best service. For consumers, navigating the labyrinth of lenders can be time-consuming. Yebo Loans is a loan origination company which undertakes this tedious task on behalf of clients. A micro lender based in Port Elizabeth established in 2005, Yebo Loans has grown exponentially since then.

Applications are simple and made convenient for potential clients. The entire process is completed via email or fax. Living up to its name “Yebo,” which means “yes” in isiZulu, Yebo Loans more often than not gives applicants a positive response.  Finding the most flexible interest rates and repayment terms are valuable features of Yebo Loan services.

Qualifying applicants need to be South African citizens with a valid I.D. They also need to be in the same employment permanently for a minimum of 3 months. They will also need to provide proof of an active bank account into which their salary is deposited and from which repayments can be debited.

For sage counsel regarding the ideal loan solution, contact Yebo Loans on 087 151 1537 or visit

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