Transcend capital

South Africa has a rich economic system which allows for healthy competition between the public and private sector. Because of friendly investment policies, the country has seen numerous micro and macro entities emerging. One of those institutions to emerge is Transcend capital.

Transcend capital was established in 2005 with a vision of being a specialist corporate finance advisory firm. With a clientele ranging from corporate South Africa, multinationals, mining houses and suppliers, this financial house understands how the BEE regulatory environment affects business strategy. Using tested expertise and proven strength in corporate finance,Transcend capital designs exceptional transactions to fit individual companies. This fast growing financial house offers services such as BEE transaction implementation, BEE advisory, corporate finance advisory, post transaction support and structured remuneration.

With experience of advising on and implementing over 70 BEE transactions, Transcend provides an end to end transaction implementation service which allows companies to maximise the empowerment points of their business while ensuring stakeholder buy in to drive profitable growth and structure transactions accordingly. Closely tied to the implementation service is the advisory service which assists clients to optimise their BEE structures from a technical and pragmatic standpoint.

Corporate finance advisory services offers valuation services, transaction support, pre-acquisition due diligence, vendor due diligence, lender due diligence, exist readiness, sell side assistance, information memorandum preparation, data room preparation and management and profit forecast reviews. Post transaction support works on building trust amongst stakeholders by using various forms of communication. Structured remuneration assists businesses in establishing appropriate incentives for employees especially company executives. This service aligns shareholder and employee goals and enhances the growth and profitability of the business.

For specialist corporate finance advise, Transcend capital can be contacted on 0114422433.

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