Simple Ways to Compare Auto Insurance

Simple Ways to Compare Auto Insurance

Why do you need auto insurance?

Car insurance protects you, your car and other people from the consequences of any road accident you might be involved in. It provides financial compensation to cover any damage to property or injuries to other drivers, passengers or pedestrians.

Auto insurance policy options:

Comprehensive cover

This offers the widest protection and all-inclusive cover. It’s often the most expensive type of cover. You’ll get cover for accidental damage to your vehicle. It provides cover for damage due to theft, loss due to theft, hijacking or fire. It also pays out in the event that you cause damage to the vehicle of a third party.

Insurers usually insist on fully comprehensive insurance for expensive cars.

Third Party, Fire and Theft cover

This type of cover is similar to third party insurance, but provides additional cover if your car is damaged in a fire or is stolen.

Third Party Only cover

Under this insurance policy individuals are provided with the most basic cover. It provides cover for damage to other cars as well as any medical treatment costs associated with an accident.

Your car is not covered for damage and the insurance provides compensation for your passengers if they are injured. There is no cover for theft however.

Factors that affect how much you pay for car insurance:

  • Type of car that you drive
  • Where the car is kept
  • Age and experience of the driver
  • Where you live
  • What you use your car for
  • Your claims history

Ways to compare auto insurance:

Research the insurance company thoroughly

Make sure that the insurance company is registered and is financially stable.

Compare online quotes

Make sure that you compare at least five insurance quotes online.

Don’t just accept the first quote

To compare auto insurance, you need to find a quote that suits your unique personal needs and covers you adequately.

Ask about discounts

Find out about various auto insurance discounts.

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