Simple Guide: Nedbank Credit Card Limit Increase

Simple Guide: Nedbank Credit Card Limit Increase

Having a Nedbank credit card can be the best way of getting access to an array of products and services without putting too much pressure on your household budget. By using a credit card you can make large purchases or even pay for emergencies without causing too much strain on your cash resources.

What are some of the benefits of Nedbank Credit Cards?

You have access to a variety of card offers designed to suit your unique individual needs.

You have the benefit of getting up to 55 days’ interest-free credit, while also enjoying zero transaction fees.

Nedbank credit cards give you global ATM access so your spending is never limited wherever you are in the world.

Free basic travel insurance of up to R3 million is included, while you get optional credit life cover.

Flexible payment options make it easy for you to budget monthly, while you also get access to a free supplementary card.

Nedbank credit cards can be linked to a wide range of lifestyle rewards programmes where you earn rewards when you spend.

As a Nedbank credit card holder you have the benefit of being able to shop at a wide array of shops all over the world. At times you may want to spend slightly more than usual. This is where you’ll need fast access to a Nedbank credit card limit increase.

How the Nedbank Credit Card limit increase works:

A credit card limit increase is based on your personal profile, such as your credit history and income level. With Nedbank, the credit card limit increase is reviewed every six months.

In order to qualify for a Nedbank credit card limit increase you need to make all your payments on time and keep your account up-to-date.

To speak to a Nedbank consultant, call: 0860 555 111

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