RCS car finance

RCS is a brand name which needs very little introduction in the financial services market in South Africa. RCS is associated with excellency and diversity in options when it comes to savvy shopping, lifestyle, healthy credit, loans, insurance and other financial matters. One of the products from this wide array of products which has positively swept through the markets is the RCS car finance.

RCS car finance has been tailored to provide cash loans to finance vehicle purchases. These loans are designed to inclusively cater even for clients who can not get assistance from traditional lending institutions.

These loans are offered up to a maximum amount of R100,000 with repayment periods running from a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 60 months. Of great benefit to clients is the fact that these loans are facilitated through a paperless process with no queues and money is deposited within 24 hours.

To qualify for RCS car finance, a client needs to be 18 years and above, have a monthly income which must be proven by way of payslip, show proof of residence, be in possession of a South African identity and have a bank account where income is deposited and debit orders can be done.

RCS can be contacted online through the company website.

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