Bike Insurance Online – Various Solutions for Your Riding Needs

Bike Insurance Online – Various Solutions for Your Riding Needs

Getting bike insurance online means that you can get cover for riding-related damage or injury. So if you crash your bike into someone else, your insurance will pay for the repairs to the other vehicle. 

The first step when getting bike insurance online involves deciding on the level of cover that you need. You should also choose a voluntary excess that you’re comfortable with.

What factors affect bike insurance online?

Your riding history

Your address– For instance, do you live in an area with high vehicle crime? The area in which you live has an effect on how much your insurance premiums are.

The type of motorbike you have. Is it a high performance motorcycle? If you own a superbike, you’ll be considered to be a high risk individual, so you will be charged higher premiums.

Security– Where you keep your bike and the type of security devices you use have an effect on your premiums.

Modifications– If you have any enhancements on your bike, your insurance costs will be higher.

There are three main types of bike insurance online:

Comprehensive insurance– this cover generally allows you to claim for any damage to your motorbike. This may include accidental damage, vandalism or medical expenses.

Third Party only– this covers damage to property, as well as liability for damage or injury to a third party. It does not include cover for damage to your motorbike or personal injury.

Third Party, Fire and Theft – this protects you from claims made against you as the result of an accident. You get cover if your bike is stolen, damaged because of fire or any damage caused to your bike during theft or attempted theft.

When getting bike insurance online you need to be specific about how you use your bike. Main categories include: social, domestic and pleasure, commuting, business use, as well as courier and delivery.

You’ll also need to check your policy to see if you’re covered for carrying passengers.

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