African Bank Credit Cards – Individualised, Competitive Credit Solutions

African Bank Credit Cards – Individualised, Competitive Credit Solutions

Flexibility and convenience are factors that rank high on African Bank’s list of goals as a credit provider. Giving clients individualised credit solutions are extended to the bank’s credit card facilities, giving clients a range of choices to suit their needs. Individuals may not always have the ability to pay for items or other expenses using cash. Credit card facilities are useful for meeting such financial obligations, with additional benefits and rewards. African Bank is a financial services provider with a trusted reputation in the South African banking sector. Its range of products and services include credit card facilities, designed to meet individual needs.

Blue Classic Credit Card:

Clients are given access to a limit of R20 000, which is repayable within 60 days interest free.

Silver Visa Credit Card:

There is a limit of R27 000 set on these cards, which are generally accepted globally. Clients can benefit from free transaction fees, free ATM withdrawals for the first 4 withdrawals, free airtime and balance enquiries etc.

Gold Visa Credit Card:

African Bank clients using this facility have access of up to R46 000 and can use this card anywhere worldwide where they see the visa logo.

Platinum Visa Credit Card:

With access of up to R80 000 in credit, clients have the comfort of 2 months interest free credit. African Bank gives clients access to rewards on every purchase or payment made. An added benefit is the savings account which is linked and where all reward earnings are deposited while at the same time earning interest of up to 5% per year.

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