Ithala loans – supporting rural areas with finance

Ithala Limited, a 100% owned subsidiary of Ithala Development Finance Corporation Limited (IDFC) offers home loans and banking services in townships and rural areas around kwaZulu Natal.

This reputable creditor whose operations are governed by Ithala Act 2 of 1999 (Ithala Act) of KwaZulu Natal Legislature offers a host of loan products and services, chief among them:

  • Cash loan products
  • Home loan products
  • Personal loan products
  • Commercial property loan services
  • Home improvement loan services

The creditor has 51 branches and one agency throughout the KwaZulu Natal province; the branches are mainly used to raise deposits from customers and also to provide transacting facilities. The lender offers the following savings products:

  • Savings bank book
  • Debit card
  • Club save
  • Target save
  • Fixed deposit

The financial creditor relies on deposits to fund its advances book. The whole lending process is done at the Head office in Durban, and most of the business is obtained from the bond originators. Below are the lending products offered by Ithala:

  • Home loans
  • PTO’s
  • Home improvement loan
  • Property development
  • Commercial loans
  • Personal loans

The lender can be contacted on 031 366 2500 and

  1. Good day
    Is it possible to finance someone for a building loan if she is not in KwaZulu-Natal province? I am your client since you financed my home loan in KZN but I have moved to Polokwane on employment.I wish to buy a site then build this side.
    Please revert to me a.s.a.p

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