Text banking is something that is not that commonly done, but this service allows you quick access to request a loan. These so called text message loans is a way that you can get in touch with a bank via a text message and this also means that there is no need to sign any paperwork.

Many people might wonder why apply via text message loans when you can online. Almost everyone has a cell phone and do receive some data when they purchase airtime of when on a contract but not everyone has access to the internet. However, when you do use text banking, you will be charged for fees and billed separately by your service provider.

With text message loans, the service is just as reliable as any other services offered by Wells Fargo Bank. If you want to engage in text banking, you need to send commands and you will receive a reply in seconds. The text banking commands are as follows:

  • COM: Receive a list of all text banking commands
  • ATM: Get ATM locations near you
  • BAL: Receive the balance of your primary account. To receive the balance of another account, include the account nickname. Example: BAL SAV
  • STOP TEXT: Disable text banking
  • BAL ALL: Receive the balance of all your enrolled accounts
  • ACT: To view account activity on your primary account, text ACT. To view account activity of another account, include the account nickname. Example: ACT VISA
  • DET: View detailed sub-account balances on Home Equity or Student Loan accounts
  • TIPS: Text any time to get helpful text banking tips
  • HELP: Get Wells Fargo contact information
  • DUE: View information for your credit card account(s)
  • TRA: If you want to transfer funds between your Wells Fargo Savings accounts, Chequing account and Credit card
  • IPHONE: Receive a link to download our iPhone® application

Text banking will only work if your service provider supports text messaging.