Medical aid costs continue to soar every year, leaving a large segment of the South African population without cover. Research shows that medical costs are rising above inflation. This has left many South Africans out-of-pocket. Rising medical costs have left many South Africans unable to cope.

In South Africa, only 13.5% of the population have access to or is able to afford medical aid. More than 40 million people are forced to rely on state institutions for their healthcare needs.

The good news is that even though medical aid is becoming increasingly unaffordable, there are other options available.

Health cover offers the benefit of paying directly to the insured. It may also be used in conjunction with your medical aid to cover any shortfalls that you may have.

The Chartis Hospital Cash Back Plan is not a medical aid, but is rather insurance that can be taken out to pay for any expenses, medical or not, when you are hospitalised.

Starting at just R85.50 per month, the Chartis Hospital Cash Back Plan provides financial protection for you and your family.

More about the Chartis Hospital Cash Back Plan:

As of November 2014, the Chartis Hospital Cash Back Plan has rebranded to AIG.

The hospital plan pays up to R2500 per day, while you’re in hospital. Maternity benefits are included and you get cover for hospitalisation due to accidents or illness.

The plan pays for up to 180 days per incident.

Who qualifies?

The plan is available for anyone between the ages of 18 and 65 years. Your premium is determined by your age, the level of cover you select as well as whether you choose to cover your family or not.

This Hospital Plan is designed to protect clients against unforeseen medical costs relating to hospitalisation.

The cover generally includes:

 Hospital Plan Cover benefits include:

  • Illness Hospitalization
  • Maternity Hospitalization
  • Permanent Disability Benefit
  • Accident Hospitalization
  • Dreaded Disease
  • Emergency Rooms/Casualty Visits

To claim, simply call 0860 113 522. You will be requested to complete a claim form and provide proof of your hospital visit.