8 Cool New Car Concepts And Motor Tech

8 Cool New Car Concepts And Motor Tech

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas was recently dominated by new cool car concepts and motor tech which is set to transform the industry. 

cool new car concepts that stole the show: 

I.D. Buzz  

This is the smart and electric version of the old VW Bus.  This Artificial Intelligence-enabled car will be able to learn about driver preferences. 

MBUX system from Mercedes 

The Mercedes Benz User Experience is a widescreen cockpit with an Augmented Reality navigation display. According to the company, it is set to have an “emotional connection between the vehicle, driver and passengers”. It will also feature intelligent voice control. 

Byton SUV 

Designed by former Apple and BMW employees, this is a vehicle that will have Level 3 autonomy. It will have a Digital Lounge that features a dashboard screen that can be accessed via voice command. It will also display various data, coupled with the driver profile, maps, video clips and calendars. 

Ford Transport Mobility Cloud 

Created in collaboration with Qualcomm, this is a platform for autonomous vehicles. It’s an operating system that will allow vehicle to vehicle communication and will also communicate with construction zones, so the vehicle will be aware of all road conditions and will be able to warn the driver before departure. It’s also envisioned that this tech will be able to help reduce traffic congestion and possible collisions as cars will be able to communicate. 

Toyota ePalette 

Due to launch at the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, this is a self-driving store which is in the form of a pod on 8 wheels. 

More cool new car concepts: 

  • Hyundai Hyperconnected car 
  • Nissan Brain to vehicle tech 
  • Alexa in-vehicle support in Ford, Hyundai Volkswagen 

There is no denying that the future of technology will have a major impact on motor tech and these concepts illustrate this .

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