The basis of a credit card is to be able to obtain credit so that as a customer you have the ability to obtain goods or services before payment. And credit agreements are usually based on the trust that payment will be made in the future.  

But the total outstanding balance usually doesn’t reflect what your purchase was originally charged for. Especially if you miss your payment on its due date interest can accumulate. Hence it’s why people most often opt for credit limit increase, so not to hurt their credit score. But how do you increase your Jet account credit limit.

  1. Your credit limit is the maximum amount the credit card company will allow you to borrow, and most people with good credit will see it increase over time. Automatically by the system and it’s no different when you increase your Jet account credit limit.
  1. Increase your Jet account credit limit by requesting an increase, but the trick is to not ask too soon or for too much as this might raise a red flag with your credit card issuer. The rule of thumb is that you should’ve had your account for six months and depending on how you have managed your account.
  1. To increase your Jet account credit limit your actions will speak for themselves. If you use your card frequently while paying it back. Spending money regularly on your Jet credit card might show your issuer you need access to more funds and can handle it responsibly.
  1. Write a request with a sensible reason for wanting to increase your Jet account credit limit. Such as you want to start paying more bills with the card, or you’re hoping to earn more rewards on purchases. So that it doesn’t look like you’re greedily asking for a lot of money which when you have you’ll frivolously spent and not be able to handle.