Auto and General Business Insurance- Affordable, Professional Insurance for Business Needs

Auto and General Business Insurance- Affordable, Professional Insurance for Business Needs

Running a business means that as a business owner you may have to contend with a number of risks. One of the best ways to prevent financial ruin for your business is by taking some prevention measures. To do this, it helps to get affordable business insurance.

The insurance sector in South Africa offers a variety of insurance products designed to meet various needs. Business insurance is specifically designed to provide peace of mind to business owners, managers or directors, knowing that their business is covered for various eventualities.

Auto and General is one of the biggest names in the short-term insurance industry, largely because if their expertise. Founded 30 years ago, Auto and General continues to be an influential player in the short-term insurance sector.

Business owners who get Auto and General Business Insurance are given the assurance of tailored solutions for specific business needs.

Products are designed by Auto and General to cover certain businesses, ensuring that their needs are met.

Retailers can benefit from Auto and Business, while Auto and Professional specifically covers accountancy firms, legal firms etc. A range of Auto and General Business Insurance products is the ideal way of ensuring your business needs are covered.

What makes this company successful are instant telephonic quoting, Cash Back Plus offers, plain-worded policies, advanced claims processing technology and efficient call centre systems.

Types of Auto and General Business Insurance offered:

  • Auto and Business
  • Auto and guest
  • Auto and professional
  • Auto and Practice
  • Auto and Office
  • Auto and Tradesman

Each type of business insurance policy is designed to cover specific businesses. For instance, Auto and Business provides cover for florists, book stores, retailers, salons and stationery shops.

Tips on how to buy the best business insurance:

Start with a policy that covers events that cause suspended operations, property damage or lawsuits.



Cheaper isn’t always better. Shop around for a provider that offers comprehensive coverage. Choose the best for your business needs.

Contact Auto and General by calling: 0861 111 691


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