Why Choose Capital Loans – A List of Benefits

Why Choose Capital Loans – A List of Benefits

Capitec Bank is a fast-growing financial institution in South Africa. It owes much of its success in the market to comprehensive banking packages and services. As a financial services provider, Capitec resolves to provide clients with personalised solutions championed by responsible lending practices. As a credit provider, Capitec gives applicants options in the form of a Regular Loan and a Multi Loan. 

Regular Loans offer up to R230 000 in finance, which are ideally suitable for making large purchases or funding costly plans. With fixed repayment fees, this loan is required to be repaid within 84 months. Interest charged is dependent on the applicant’s credit status and affordability. Free insurance to cover repayments is included.

The Multi-Loan option is ideal for giving clients an extra bit of cash when they need it most. This loan is offered to clients up to R4000 and is repayable within 31 days. Approval is quick and can be done within minutes. Once approved, the cash becomes available immediately and can be transferred to the clients’ transactional or savings account.

To qualify for either loan options, prospective clients need to fulfil particular prerequisites. Applicants need to present an I.D book, a payslip, their original proof of residence as well as 3 months’ bank statements.

How do you benefit from Capitec Loans?

The institution offers more than other lenders.

Repayment periods are longer than the generic 60 months. (Capitec offers 84 months.)

Applications can be done online.

Easy access is provided through many Capitec branches.

Interest rates are low.

No collateral is required.

If you choose to repay the loan back within 6 to 8 months you will qualify for Free Credit life insurance.

Zero fees charged for withdrawal at Capitec ATMs and swiping for Global One account holders.

Contact Capitec on: 0860 10 20 43.

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