I-square Credit Card Reader

I-square Credit Card Reader

There’s no denying that technological advancements have changed the way that people transact on a daily basis. As more people begin to adopt the use of credit cards, this has created more opportunities for various companies to devise new ways of improving the transaction process.  

One of the latest innovations to be introduced to the industry is the I-square credit card reader.

This device has been designed to make the payment process easier, while allowing small business owners to accept payments on-the-go. By simply using a smartphone in conjunction with the device, payments can be collected from anywhere at any time.

The I-square credit card reader turns your iPhone, iPad or Android device into a cash register.

You can use the device to swipe your customer’s cards using your phone. Ideal for small businesses who need portability, simplicity and cheap service fees, the I-square credit card reader offers a hassle-free and sleek way to accept credit cards on their phone.

To use the device, all you have to do is plug into the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The reader doesn’t come with a receipt printer, barcode scanner or hardware encryption.

What are the advantages?

It offers straightforward pricing. There aren’t multiple fees to keep track of, making admin easier.

There is no merchant account. The process is simple, so there is minimal paperwork involved and it’s easy to use and understand.

There are fast deposits. The device deposits your credit card transactions into your bank account by the next day.

It’s simple to use. You just open the app, swipe the card and have customers enter their PIN or sign for the purchase right on the phone’s screen

The I-square credit card reader is free. Once you’ve downloaded the app you can get the I-square credit card reader for free.

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