Van Insurance – A Quick Guide

Van Insurance – A Quick Guide

What is van insurance?

Van insurance is a type of insurance that is ideal for individuals who commute to one place of work in a van. The van may be for personal use, for business use, or for both. Private insurance covers social, domestic and pleasure activities. If you use your van for boot sales, then you’ll probably need business insurance.

Different types of classification:

Carriage of own goods

This covers your personal belongings that are in the car as well as the tools that you carry for the job. So if the van is stolen or damaged, you will be able to claim for the replacement value of personal belongings.

Carriage of goods for hire or reward

This covers all of your belongings or personal items such as a change of outfit or a suitcase. This cover also includes accident recovery, roadside repairs and a courtesy van.

In South Africa, these are the main types of insurance you can get:

Comprehensive Cover:

This is the most expensive type of cover. You are able to get cover for theft, hijacking, accidents, fire and natural disasters, like hail and floods. It also covers you against claims by third parties where you are responsible for damage to their vehicle.

Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance:

This type of cover does not provide cover for accidental damage to your vehicle. You get cover for theft, hijacking or fire.

Third Party:

This is the cheapest form of insurance. It provides cover for any damage you may cause to someone else’s vehicle.

In the country, insurance costs are quite high, as a result of only about 35% of motorists being insured. By getting van insurance however, you are assured of a specialised insurance type to suit your specific needs.


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