One Plan Health Insurance- Affordable Healthcare Solutions for South Africans

One Plan Health Insurance- Affordable Healthcare Solutions for South Africans

In South Africa, medical aid tariffs are beyond the reach of more than 80% of the nation’s citizens. This means that many people forego having access to healthcare because they can’t afford it. In recent years, this has changed, with the introduction of a range of short term insurance providers such as One Plan Health Insurance.

More about One Plan Health Insurance:

One Plan Health Insurance is designed to be simple, by offering South Africans health insurance and pet insurance.

One Plan is essentially a short term insurance product underwritten by Zurich Insurance Company South Africa Limited that “puts healthcare in the hands of more South Africans”.

It is a great alternative for 80% of South Africans who cannot afford traditional medical aid. Along with a claims process that is uncomplicated, One Plan Health Insurance gives clients the opportunity to use their healthcare provider of choice.

One Plan provides access to funds immediately, eliminating the burden of upfront payments.

The institution also processes more than 6000 claims per month.

The Core Plan from One Plan Health Insurance is available from R310. This covers GP visits, scripted medication, pathology, radiology, dentistry, specialist cover, maternity pre-birth, optometry, emergency illness, accident cover as well as ambulance and emergency services.

The Blue Plan is available from R570 per month, the Professional Plan from R735 per month and the Executive Plan from R925 per month.

Cover is not provided for individuals over the age of 65 years.

One Plan Health Insurance has identified a niche market, for which it can offer simple, cost-effective healthcare solutions.

This cover falls under the Short Term Insurance Act, so individuals can be assured that their premiums will be calculated in accordance with the guidelines of the Act.

The money is loaded onto your OneCard, so that you can swipe for your consultation, instead of paying and having to wait for your claim.

To Contact One Plan Health Insurance, call: 010 001 0141


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