Top 10 Advanced Car Technologies By 2020

Top 10 Advanced Car Technologies By 2020

Autonomous Cars 

Tests are currently being done by Google. Developments continue to be made in the sector as new technology is expected to enable these cars to improve safe driving. 

Remote Vehicle Shutdown 

The Telematics Company is working in improving this feature, so it can be used more responsibly. 

Energy Storing Panels 

Energy stored from the sun can be used as a reserve power. The panels in the car will collect this energy. 

Augmented Reality-enabled windshields 

This will enable information to be displayed on the driver’s windscreen. This will include a system to navigate and also conditions on the road or weather conditions. 

Comprehensive Vehicle Tracking 

Some insurance companies may be willing to reduce fees if your car can be tracked and you’ve covered fewer kilometres. 

Smart In-Car Marketing 

Personalised marketing is utilised by the likes of Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Connected cars will be internet-enabled and the display window is likely to feature ads. This will be one of the most advanced car technologies by 2020. 

Sun-powered Cars 

Green tech is leading the fray. With this type of tech, solar energy is utilised to drive cars. 

In-car Health monitoring 

We’ve seen wearable tech completely changing the health sector by monitoring stats of individuals. With new car technology, human body vital stats will be tracked. Sensors in steering wheels or in seatbelts may be able to detect any alarming health conditions. 

Driver Override Systems 

With this tech, cars will override driver commands in certain conditions. Even if a driver has their feet on the accelerator, the car would come to a halt. 

Flying Cars 

Some people might think that this is still unrealistic, but advanced technology tells us something completely different. People can look forward to one of the most advanced car technologies by 2020 in the form of the Slovakian AeroMobil 3.0. The vehicle is expected to be able to land at any airport and be able to drive to any petrol station to refill.

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