Woolworths as part of its financial services offers insurance, namely Balance Protection and Travel Insurance. Insurance with Woolworths covers you for any eventuality, offering you financial cover, especially when life such as accidents and illnesses come up unexpectedly.

There’s the Balance Protection, an insurance with Woolworths that covers your store card, credit cards and personal loans against unforeseen circumstances such as death, retrenchment, disability or critical illness. And it’s an optional cover that’s there for you and that you can take out when signing up for any of the stores card services.

While the Travel Insurance covers you when you make international travel and is only for your Woolworths Credit Cards. As it’s a cover that’s automatically included when you purchase an international airline ticket using your Woolworths credit card. Its Basic Travel Insurance is valid for up to 90 days from the date of departure from South Africa. And it’s automatically available to persons between 3 months to the age of 74 years.

But should you be in a situation where you have a medical emergency away from home you have an option to take out any of the Woolworths additional top up cover packages. Such as Emergency Medical Cover should you fall ill or have an accident abroad. Your insurance with Woolworths will help find you an appropriate doctor or health care facility whilst attending to the potentially staggering financial costs of the treatment.

Seniors between ages of 75 and 85 years are also covered through an optional cover. And should you have your luggage or personal belongings lost, stolen or accidently damaged there’s the Baggage and Personal Belongings Protection. While Convenient Assistance is there to organise and orchestrate all of your travel requirements before you leave for your travels. From obtaining information about visas and inoculations to sorting out emergencies overseas, and the use of Woolworths Travel Assistant helpline 24 hour service.