Medical costs can be devastating. To protect your family and yourself, getting medical insurance may be the best decision. It’s imperative that you get medical insurance to cover for unexpected costs usually brought about by poor health.

In South Africa, the reality is that the majority of medical insurance policies are still offered through employers.

The largest medical insurer in South Africa is Discovery Health, with over 1.5 million members. Other medical insurance providers include:

  • Direct Axis
  • Fussell & Associates
  • Global Surance
  • Momentum
  • One Plan
  • Sanlam
  • Old Mutual

When comparing policies, carefully check the extent of cover and exactly what’s included and excluded from a policy, in addition to premiums and excess charges.

It’s important that you take your time when comparing medical insurance quotes. You need to make sure that you find the right type of cover for your needs.

Some advice about getting the best medical insurance quotes:

Start by assessing your needs

Ask yourself how you will be using medical insurance. Do you need extra protection? Do you anticipate a change in your medical needs?

Know your budget

You need to be able to afford to pay premiums on a monthly basis.

Gather your information and health history

Be prepared for the process by gathering all your medical history as well as your documentation. This will help guide you in terms of the type of medical insurance cover you need.

Take your time by comparing quotes.

Look at premiums, out-of-pocket costs and prescription drug coverage.

Ask the experts for advice

Ask for help from an insurance expert if you can. They may be able to help you watch out for pitfalls you may have missed as well as get the right cover for your specific needs.

One you have found the medical insurance product you need, make sure that you do proper research. Read through the fine print.